How to save yourself from unwanted messages in TikTok | 7 – Steps ( with screenshots )

So hey guys welcome to TikTokTip. So today I will teach you how you can stop getting unwanted messages in TikTok so if you want to save yourself from getting unwanted messages then read the full article carefully and don’t skip any steps .

Steps to Stop getting Unwanted messages :

Steps to Turn on Reaction to your video :

  1. Open “TikTok” app

2. Tap on profile button in the below-right corner of the screen

3. Now,  Tap on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the screen.

4.  From the drop-down list of options, you have to select “Privacy and Settings”.

5. Now find “Who can send me messages” when a list is opened. After finding open it.

6. Now there are two options in front of you :

  • Friends
  • Off 

[ NOTE – By default friends is selected. See the picture given below ]

7. Now simply select “off” and go back. After this your setting has been completed successfully and now no one can send you unwanted messages..

So guys i hope you like this article and give us feedback about this article through comment and also share this with others so they can also be safe from unwanted messages in TikTok.


What is unwanted messages in TikTok?
Unwanted messages is when any random person DM you some bad content then this is called an unwanted messege.

Why you need to save yourself from unwanted messages?
Sometimes it can be vulgar or contains nudity. And most the time it can be a spam messege and definitely we don’t need to see those messages and wasting our time.

Who sends unwanted messages on TikTok?
Mainly unwanted messeges can be send by your viewer. Or sometime random person can spam.

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