Plextone G20 Gaming Earphone Review – 2020

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Plextone is one of the best gaming headphones makers, providing good quality headphones with so many features in the budget. Plextone G20 is one of the best selling company’s gaming earphones. It’s preferred by most of the user who is looking for the best earphone under 1500.

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Key features of Plextone G20 Gaming Earphone:

  • It has sufficiently long cord including pc adapter and extension cord which allows using them both in PC games and handheld games.
  • The long cord earbuds are equipped with a bass speaker of top quality, providing clarity of the audio and its detailed reproduction enables you to have great gaming experience.
  • This gaming headphones earbuds have in-ear technology which blocks unnecessary noise enables you to enjoy your game at a low volume which means your hearing is protected.
  • It comes with replaceable earpieces comprising of a couple of memory foam ear tips and three silicone tips of different sizes as well as a pair of inner earrings.


The long cord with an excellent bass and the earbuds having in-ear technology which blocks unnecessary noise makes it the best earphone for PUBG under 1500.

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