How To Name Your Podcast?

What’s in the podcast name?

“Shakespeare’s Juliet believed that we wouldn’t do much. However, when it comes to podcasting, it’s certainly not. Your podcast’s name means a lot. It’s up to you to identify your show. Is one of the first conventions used? This is what others will use to tell your friends and family about you, and it will use a potential audience for you. With your name riding alone, the question is how to go about finding the right name for your podcast?

We have compiled some guidelines in the search for the right name for your podcast that you should consider. Follow these, and you’ll win the name game and make sure your podcast name helps you stand out from the crowd.

How To Name Your Podcast? 

One of the most intimidating parts of starting a podcast is choosing a great name for your new podcast. And this is intimidating for a reason. The name of your podcast is one that will help many listeners actually find your show and interest them enough to listen to it. And the truth is that you can have excellent sound quality, great equipment, and interesting content, but without a good podcast to name, it can also prevent your target audience from knowing that your show even exists.

Finding the right name for your podcast begins with a deep understanding of your show and its audience. At this stage answering some basic questions about your podcast is the basis for finding that important name. Your answers will then ideally guide your brainstorming and thought generation process, should there be a strong connection between the content of your podcast and its name.

Guidelines Of Podcast Name

Here are a few guidelines to help you select a name for your show:

  • Focus on communicating what your podcast episode is about.
  • Check to see if there are other podcasts or media properties that share the same name.
  • Don’t include the date and time in your episode titles.
  • Make sure the name is easy to say out loud and read it in print.
  • Make sure that you can reserve social media properties (Facebook page, Tumblr name and Twitter handle, etc.). You can also consider reserving a URL in the future – see if anyone is available with the name you want.
  • Avoid using quotes from your podcast and vague references to your episode topic as they don’t really communicate anything about your episode.
  • The name should give potential listeners an idea of ​​what they will hear if they play. It is possible to go too far with jokes.
  • Don’t include your podcast title or the word “Episode” in your episode titles.
  • Remember that your potential audience members are also reading episode titles to get a sense of your podcast and to decide whether they want to listen or not.

So these were some guidelines for podcast names. remembering these guidelines, you can select any good name for your podcast.

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