Live TV app like Bioscope LIVE

On-demand TV, directly on your mobile device with Bioscope Live App. Easy to watch your favorite TV Shows and movies from anywhere in the world; you just need a stable Internet connection. The Bioscope LIVE TV allows users a quick and convenient way to search for content and watch from an smart TV. Save your show, share with anyone and get real time notifications when new content is available-a wide range of channels, including sports, music, movies, and much more on one platform. Entertainment is on your device; download the Bioscope LIVE app today and enjoy live TV. 


Let’s check out a similar app like Bioscope Live.

TBN: Watch TV Live & On Demand

Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) app allows users to watch live TV shows online from its content library. Watch on-demand videos and favorite TV shows, including live streaming TV, simply by downloading With TBN: Watch TV Live & On-Demand mobile app, users can enjoy uninterrupted streaming of their favorite shows and watch movies anywhere, anytime. 

LIVE TV Mobile

A top-rated app that allows users to watch Live TV in just one click. It’s easy for the users to stay up to date with all the latest sports, news, entertainment, and much more. On-demand live streaming shows everything possible with a Live TV App. Along with LIVE TV, users can interact with other viewers and actively participate in polls and quizzes—an easy way to stay updated with all your shows, movies, sports, and much more.


Live streaming on your device download the TikiLive App, stream live video and connect with the views from different corners of the world. Free app with lots of accessible features that makes your life easier by watching 100+ LIVE HD TV channels. Easy to cast a Chromecast device in just one click. A full live TV setup where you can also record your favorite shows on your smartphone. Connect your device to the internet, open the TikiLive App and enjoy live streaming of all your favorite shows directly, and no cable is required; just click and play.


TV Schedule Live

Watch 24*7 Live television with over 1200+ channels on your device with the TV Schedule Live App. Easy to manage and keep a track record of your favorite movies and shows in one place. Easy to check upcoming shows, past shows, and current shows with the TV Schedule Live App. Along with that, users can check the ratings of the show and movies too. Personalize your TV experience by adding your favorite shows, and easy to watch all the episodes without any lacking. TV Schedule Live also comes with a unique experience by allowing users to comment on their favorite shows. Stay updated with your favorite shows with the TV Schedule Live App.

Summing it up

There are many other Live TV apps available on the play store. Try out one as per your needs and requirements and enjoy live TV directly from your smartphone.

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