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If you are a reality show buff and love food, there is no chance, you are going to miss the Tournament of Champions. It is one of the hottest tournaments that feature chefs from across the globe fighting it out. You will find more than a dozen chefs making the most impressive delicacies with special equipment and tools. More and more people are leaving soap operas aside and turning to reality TV shows. Now, Discovery Plus makes it even easier for all your food buffs out there.

This is one of the hit culinary competitions aired on the OTT platform today. Moreover, the host is none other than the very famous Guy Fieri. You can enjoy it right away on the Discovery Plus OTT platform. It is one of the most trending on-demand streaming services.

If you are a huge fan of reality shows, cooking contests, nature documentaries, and true crime series, then you should definitely watch them all on Discovery Plus. Consider getting a subscription on the OTT platform. You can get easy access to your favorite channels, like TLC, Discovery, Animal Planet, and HGTV. There are over 55,000 episodes and 2,500 shows on it. There are more than a million subscribers on this platform. The best part is that you can now download the content through various downloaders. The best of the lot happens to be the keepstreams discovery plus downloader. It is here that you can watch the show offline.

Show Name… Tournament of Champions

Ratings: 8.2 /10

Genre: Non-fiction, Cooking Game Show

Cast: Guy Fieri, Justin Warner, Simon Majumdar


Guy Fieri hosts this wonderful and trending cooking show, where 16-32 chefs from across the nation fight it out. The tournament takes place in five parts. The chef’s skills are tested here, as they get a limited amount of ingredients or limited time. They are expected to rustle delicacies that can simply blow your mind. There is elimination as well. You will also come across a randomizer machine that will measure the number of macronutrients and micronutrients that go into it. The first few rounds are the toughest to get through. You will find the contestants in high-pressure situations, and the emotions run high. It is a competition worth every buck of the food lovers. No one knows what is going to come ahead of them in the various rounds. The spots decrease from 16 to 8, and then to 4 and finally 2.

This is an amazing cookery show that is surely going to keep you at the edge of your seats. So, you should download discovery plus, without any delay.


You should know what happens on the sets of the Tournament of Champions. There are various stages that you have to cross whilst in the play. Learn about some of them here.

Play-ins are one of the stages, where the contestants from the east and west coast, get to interact. It is the preliminary round. The play comprises 4 chefs who battle it out with one another. This round is eventually followed by the grand finale. You will also get to see a tie in the latest season, where contestants Jet Tila and Antonia Lofaso score 93%. The order of tie-breakers was also the same. The tie-breaker includes a taste, game, play and plating round. Eventually, Jet won by 1 point.

In the first two seasons, there were 16 chefs. However, Guy Fieri brought forth the latest season on February 27, and it promised to pack a punch. The third series was supersized from the very beginning. The third season sees a whopping 32 contestants roughing up one another. The cash prize to be won is a huge $100,000. Guy has also increased the number of episodes to eight this time. Moreover, the episodes are two hours long. You will surely find the randomizer back in the latest season.

The contest keeps all the contestants running helter- skelter. The season will see blind-judging in action. The contestants will not know which judge is going to judge them, and the same applies to the judges. The only factor that makes a difference is the food that is on the plate. Fans support their favorite chefs in Round 1 through hashtags. Fans also get to build their brackets, and select the likely winners. Everyone participating on the Twitter show stands to win lots of accolades. You can enjoy all the fun with the keepstreams discovery plus downloader.

Interesting Twists

The food show is the best of all the shows that are currently on air. Moreover, Guy Fieri is the only person who has the power to bring a food show back to life. You will find all the contestants running around the sets to get their food. It is one of the most outstanding TV shows lately. It is a brilliant format. The scoring system, is also very different from what you have seen in the other shows. Additionally, if you see it from a talent point, the show appears to be true without any rigging. It is fair for all sort of competition. The contestants see suspense at all junctions, and see their food tasted on giant screens. It is surely a nail-biting experience for them. Furthermore, Justin Warner and Simon Majumdar present the dishes to the judges. Guy Fieri is just the perfect MC here. Get the keepstreams discovery plus downloader today for your dose of fun.

Our Verdict

The show brings out some of the hidden talents of the cooking industry. There are still many renowned chefs who are unique in their own ways but unknown to the world. The show gives chefs a lot of acclaim. The bracket structure gives more visibility to the chefs, and more people start identifying them. The format employs different twists every time, so it is a very impromptu game. It is a spring competition that is drawing all the reality show lovers and food lovers today. It is hailed as the ‘Biggest Cooking Competition’. The casting, match-ups, and format is simply the best. Now, you can enjoy all the action with the download discovery plus.

Tournament of Champions – Download with Keepstreams Discovery Plus Downloader

If you have always enjoyed such reality shows and cookery shows, this one is the best option for you. You may be working and unable to catch up on the episodes in a timely manner. So, now, you can stop getting frustrated over missed shows. You can get Discovery Plus for yourself. With the downloaders, you can also download the series, on your smartphone or any other device. Get the keepstreams discovery plus downloader today. Moreover, you can enjoy all the features of the downloader.


  • Supports Regional Content – No matter where you stay, in the US, UK, Canada, or Denmark, you can utilize Discovery Plus downloads to download any live or on-demand video service. You can download it from any region. Now, watching content is very easy, both offline and online.
  • Excellent Picture Quality – All original shows on Discovery Plus are now available for downloads without any restrictions. Moreover, you can enjoy them at 1080p. It is full HD.
  • Bulk Downloads – Now, you can download any kind of content in bulk. Download them, when you have internet connectivity and watch them later on.
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Other features include video manager services, MP4 downloads, easy transfer from one device to another, and a built-in-browser for easy search.

How To Download Discovery Plus?

You must be knowing, that you cannot download any Discovery Plus show offline. You need an internet connection anyhow. However, you can use the keepstreams discovery plus downloader to download the content.

Steps to Download

Step 1: You need to select Discovery Plus from ‘VIP Services’.

Step 2: Search for the video in the in-built browser.

Step 3: Once, you are able to locate the video, you should click on it and then ‘Download Now’.

You can now watch your favorite show, unhindered. The world of entertainment is within your reach, also when there is no internet.


You can avail yourself of Discovery Plus subscription. Furthermore, you can avail yourself of the basic plan at $4.99/ monthly. You can also get the ad-free version at $6.99/ monthly. The most amazing part of this, is that you can also avail yourself of a trial period. No matter if you are at work, or travelling, you can enjoy the content offline. Download it to your device, and watch it conveniently without having to worry about the internet connection availability of the speed. You will simply love it. Download discovery plus now.

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