How to Use TikTok to Engage Students in Learning?

An average US teenager spends around 7 hours every day in front of a screen – be it TV, their cell phone, or different social media. As the screen has become an inseparable way of spending their free (and school) time, it may be time to revise the way we think of classroom and school projects and start incorporating more of them in an average classroom. One such platform is TikTok.

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What is TikTok?

TikTok is a digital social media platform that allows its users to post videos. The videos can be recorded using the app, or they can be imported from your Gallery app. The videos are usually up to 15 seconds long, and they can be edited using different filters. The platform is very popular and is likely to surpass even Instagram and Facebook, the two social media giants so many grew up with.

How to Use TikTok in a Classroom?

As TikTok is very versatile and popular, it can be used by almost anyone. A teacher may use it to record their own videos and teach a part of the curriculum outside of the classroom. You can simply hire an essay writer and have them come up with a script that you can use in your videos. This is a perfect approach whatever the subject you may be teaching. The bonus is that the videos stay and can be rewatched, even long after the lesson is over.

Another approach is giving students particular projects and tasks that they can do using TikTok. Simple videos explaining simple concepts can take an entire afternoon to plan and execute, so be mindful of the workload. Indeed, many students have a lot to do as it is, so giving shorter tasks can stimulate them to actually do them.

Use TikTok for Learning

As a teacher, you can search TikTok for people dealing with your area of expertise. You can then send these channels to your students and ask them to start following these channels. Short, 15-second videos can teach a lot of single points and are a great way for your students to prepare for upcoming classes.

Use TikTok for Teaching

You can record videos yourself. Besides regular informative videos, you could come up with short videos showcasing important places that you may happen to visit or even to inform your students of the social events that may be interesting to visit. This is a great way to show your students how the knowledge from school can also be practical and not only theoretical.

Use TikTok as a Means of Expression

Your students can also use TikTok to express themselves. Some essay writing apps can help them here, as they can use them to come up with a better script than if they wrote one themselves. They can then make videos and share them with their friends. This is a great way to boost the talk rate and to make students more engaged with the matter they’re supposed to learn.

Use TikTok to Show Different Takes on a Single Topic

A common problem among the youth is not being able to address any topic from different angles. This platform lets you access videos from all over the world and see how different people understand and comment on different topics. This should not involve highly controversial topics, such as politics, but rather something that students can relate to and use in their daily life.

Final Considerations

TikTok can be both a great classroom tool and a great time-waster. How you will use it depends on you. In any case, using social media for information is as old as social media itself – so everyone is used to using them this way. Follow our advice on how to use TikTok in your classroom and see your students flourish.

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