How to talk in PUBG | 6 – Steps ( With Screenshot )

Hello friends today I will tell you that how to talk in PUBG. Many people say that we cannot talk in our real voice in pubg mobile game so today I will told to those people how to talk in PUBG with step by step.

How to talk in PUBG

Step 1 : Open pubg game.

talk in PUBG

Step 2 : click on bottom right side settings icon.

talk in PUBG

Step 3 : click on audio and keep your microphone and speaker in high range.

talk in PUBG

Step 4 : click on Start

talk in PUBG

Step 5 : click on top right mic icon.

talk in PUBG

Step 6 : if you want to talk with your team in pubg then click on team option and now you can talk easily with your team.


Can you talk to enemies in PUBG?

YES YOU CAN TALK TO ENEMIES. The only way you can talk to enemies are by turning your microphone ON and choosing the ALL option, then choosing the ALL option in the Speaker too.

How do I enable microphone on PUBG?

Look out for a speaker button up in the top right-hand corner of the game, close to the map, and press it to enable or disable voice chat. Now, you’ll also need to turn on your microphone so that you can use it. To do this, tap the microphone button underneath the speaker button to enable or disable your microphone.

What button is push to talk in PUBG?

If you decide to use Push to Talk, then you’ll want to confirm what key you’ve bound chat to. Under the “Control” tab you’ll find an option under “Sound” called “Push to Talk”. Set this to a key, which will then be used to initiate voice chat. And that’s it!


This is the method to talk easily in pubg, So I hope you will understand how to talk in pubg if you like this article then give your feedback through comment and also share this with your friends.

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