How to Select a Right TikTok Analytics Tool?

TikTok as the most active the powerful UGC platform, attracting more and more creators and brands coming to this young platform now. With huge user database, the professional creators or the one who dedicated to grow on TikTok, they must use the analytics tools to know well about the content, especially the trends.

It’s a digital world, be good at data and analysis can help you grow faster, and

discern the most useful stats for more effective content.

Nowadays, there is more and more analytics tool, how we can select a right one? We will provide a list of TikTok analytics tools in this blog together with pros and cons, so that you can select a fit one.

We will not introduce more about TikTok analytics in TikTok Pro Account, since it’s only focusing on owner’s profile. We have 4 TikTok analytics tools for you in this blog, not only to check out your own data, but also for your competitors.


Serious influencers who focusing on Instagram love the HypeAuditor most.

There were several reasons, HypeAuditor includes most popular social media channels, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and Twitch, but its best part still on Instagram. It contains a huge information to help user distinguish real influencers. HypeAuditor also offers clear purpose driven report to user for better knowledge about competitors and guide for next content creation. Let’s take a look about how its dashboard looks like.


$299/month, no free trail, enable to pay as you go.

Basic Feature

  • Influencer discovery
  • Reports for campaigns
  • Influencer tracking
  • Analytics of industry trends and competitors

Best Feature

  • AI powered tools
  • Provide influencer performance and campaign performance
  • Monitor the effectiveness of campaign on Instagram &YouTube
  • Complete solution with knowledge base both for influencer and company


Complete analytics toolkit for the influencers who focusing on Instagram and the company want to drive traffic from Instagram. As well a good support for YouTube analytics. HypeAuditor not only provides data and stats, but also the important metrics that could help you understand well about what you search. Since the full metrics with comprehensive knowledge base, HypeAuditor fit to individual influencer and all-size business.


As the HypeAuditor, Analisa is another analytics toolkit focusing on Instagram, but they have many differences.

  1. Analisa only offer analytics for Instagram and TikTok
  2. Analisa just a toolkit but not SaaS service as Hype Auditor
  3. Analisa does not support tracking and compare the influencers
  4. Analisa does not support tracking video and video analytics
  5. Analisa does not support searching TikTok creators

However, Analisa still a professional toolkit with neat and clear page with simple navigation. Let’s help you to learn more about Analisa.

$69/month, free trail is only available for part of TikTok profile. You will pay $149/month if access to a comprehensive TikTok analytics function.

Basic Feature

  • Profile analytics
  • Hashtag analytics

Best Feature

  • Charts overview for all stats
  • Tagged TikTokers and brands
  • Caption words most used
  • TikTok follower basic demographics


Analisa basically offers complete analysis stats for Instagram, and includes campaign analytics with management, but only offers part of analytics for TikTok actually. Just as you can in the home page and price plan feature list, Analisa only offers analytics for TikTok profile and hashtags, and it’s not free. Even users cannot search and discover TikTok creators by Analisa, it always leads to inconvenience for daily use as a basic third-party toolkit. All-in-all, consider its price base and key features, Analisa more fit for influencer and business who want to discover more insights on Instagram.


Pentos is not the most advanced analytics toolkit for TikTok, although it’s easily be found in Google when searching by keyword “TikTok analytics”, it’s most likely the time launched earlier than other toolkits. After a complete try of Pentos, we found it is only offer tracking result for metrics, which includes likes, views, comments and shares. Now have a quick glance at Pentos.

Pentos Dashboard


14days free trial
29€/month up to 5 trackers
109€/month up to 20 trackers

249€/month up to 50 trackers

Basic Feature

  • Track video and offer tracking result
  • Export the tracking result


Literally speaking, Pentos is a TikTok tracker, but not an analytics toolkit since it neither offers complete stats nor provides ranking or any other analytics.

If you only want to track TikTok videos, creators and hashtags as more as you want, and only need the tracking result stats, the Pentos fit you. Otherwise, it’s not a comprehensive analytics toolkit that could offer a full report. By the way, it not updating anymore for any other new features.


A new arising analytics toolkit platform for TikTok, since public on Nov 2020, its feature getting updated and upgrading each month. TikBuddy lets you check out all the information you need for a knockout content strategy, which includes trending metrics for video, hashtags, music and creators. It also provides a digest graph for easy understanding. Here is an overview for its dashboard.

TikBuddy Dashboard

Totally free by now, guess because of it’s still in the startup phase.

Basic Feature

  • Hot resources discovery
  • Creator rank and compare
  • Data monitor

Best Feature

  • Filtered by category/niche
  • Data listed by total counts and increased counts
  • Compare and track creator
  • Charts overview for analysis stats
  • Real-time data
  • Available to export stats FREE
  • Continuous updating for new functions


As a growing TikTok analytics platform, TikBuddy updating its function always.

TikBuddy includes a lot of details, which not just show you basic stats of video and creator profile, and more in-depth stats to make sure user understand well

about each post in realtime.

Basically speaking, if you want to get the complete stats report for video, creators, hashtags and music, TikBuddy will fit you. And if you have target videos and creators, would like to track and learn from competitors, TikBuddy also works for you. It’s free now even support to export report to excel.

At Last

There are many other third-party analytics tools, above 4 tools we gave are the most proper tools in the market, which fit for agencies and TikTokers, you can select one according to you actual need.

Analytics is the professional way for TikToker who want to get actual growth on TikTok, so it’s necessary to have a deep knowledge of your TikTok analytics.

By discover, track and analyze to create content what your audience will like, or the potential consumers will be interested.

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