How to choose LED point dot lights—A guide from a professional lighting team

What is an LED point dot light?

I suddenly said a word, point dot light, are you all dumbfounded like me? I don’t know what it is? what’s the effect? Judging from the text, it is not difficult to understand that it must be an object that can emit light, so I don’t know what it specifically refers to. Don’t worry, we are a professional LED facade landscape lighting team. Now follow us to find out.

The concept of LED point dot light:

LED point dot light from Suntechleds is a new type of decorative light. Or you can understand that it is a lot of pixels with spacing, through intelligent control can achieve the effect of points and surfaces. Can replace a certain specification display screen to some extent. It is a complement to linear lights and flood lights.

LED point dot light adopts built-in LED cold light source. Usually the LED point dot light will have a built-in microcomputer chip, which can be controlled by programming to achieve full-color effects such as colorful gradients, jumps, scanning, and water flow; it can also replace a certain specification display screen through the array and shape combination of multiple point dot lights. Various patterns, texts, animations, and video effects can be changed.

Application occasions of point dot light:

The biggest advantage of the point dot light is that it can form a dot matrix screen, and the visual effect is very good when viewed from a long distance. This fully meets the long-distance visual needs of large-scale advertisements. Therefore, point dot lights are widely used in the production of large-area building vertex array screens, the wall lighting of the facade of the building, the outline of buildings, bridges and other buildings, the lighting decoration and embellishment of parks, rivers, squares, hotels, Hotel, KTV and other large door background signs and interior decoration lighting projects, as well as other kinds of special modeling objects, buildings and other lighting occasions.

Features of point dot light:

Led point dot lights are widely used because they do not have thermal radiation and the corresponding shortcomings of gas discharge light sources. Let it be reused not only in lighting, but also in decoration and warnings. So what are the advantages of this type of point dot light? Let me introduce to you the characteristics of led point dot lights.

First, the point dot light is small in size and light in weight. In addition, it can be used with many lamps. These features are not available in other lamps.

Second, the led point dot light is environmentally friendly. The point dot light does not contain metallic mercury, so it will not cause mercury pollution when it is discarded. In addition, even if it is discarded, it can be recycled, which is environmentally friendly and saves resources.

Third, the led point dot light has good safety and stability. The point dot light can be driven by direct current at a voltage of six to twenty-four Ford, so it is safe and suitable for use in public places. In addition, compared with traditional light sources under the same conditions, point dot lights have low light attenuation, can be used for a long time, and can withstand frequent switching.

Fourth, the point dot light has good shock and shock resistance. The point dot light itself uses the principle of semiconductor light emission, and its structure is composed of a lead frame surrounded by epoxy resin. Its composition does not contain glass, and there is no need to evacuate the inside and no need to fill with a specific gas. It can be seen that the point dot light has good shock resistance and shock resistance, which brings convenience to many aspects such as production and transportation.

Fifth, the point dot light has good directivity, it can emit light directionally and directly on the surface of the illuminated object, and the utilization rate is high. In the continuous research and development process of LED lighting related technology, its luminous efficiency has increased tenfold, but this is far from the upper limit.

Sixth, the led point dot light has a fast response time. Point dot lights have a response time of nanoseconds, which is much better than ordinary lamps.

Seventh, the LED point dot light has a very rich light color. It uses different methods such as chemical modification and monochromatic light mixing to achieve the effect of multiple colors of visible light waveband luminescence and color change. These effects have good advantages in decoration and lighting.

Through the above introduction, we can basically cover some good advantages of point dot lights. We can’t deny the advantage of point dot light, so we have determined the goal of continuously developing it. Like its adjustable brightness, as well as flicker-free performance, all we need in practical applications.

Point dot light selection

As for the selection of constant light, colorful, and externally controlled full color, it can be determined based on the effect design drawing accompanied by the actual lighting effect test.

First of all, in terms of performance, the ones that are always on need not be said for the time being.

As far as the control form is concerned, most of the DMX512 control methods on the market are currently on the market. It is characterized by strong control mode compatibility, and a bad single lamp does not affect the work of other lamp bodies. The disadvantage is that a single drive can only reach 168 points and the transmission rate is low (The screen display smoothness), one-way transmission (DMX512-A standard can be two-way transmission), it is easier to lose the address, and the cumbersome address encoding settings must be made in advance.

Relatively speaking, the RSL control method may be easier for some people to operate, because this control method does not need to encode addresses one by one. Its single port control can reach 1024 points. More advanced is that its dual-channel control mode can realize non-stop maintenance. But the shortcomings should not be underestimated, that is, a broken single lamp will cause subsequent protection and stop working.

In terms of quality, there are generally three principles for selection: one is easy to install, the other is to prevent dead lights, and the third is to waterproof to prevent short circuits caused by water ingress.

There are many factors that cause LED point dot lights to die. Such as chip quality, soldering quality, heat dissipation effect and constant current, etc. Any one of these factors may cause the LED light to die. Of course, the waterproof level should also be considered. Usually, when we make a selection, we first consider high-quality brand light beads, high thermal conductivity aluminum substrate, and constant current. Secondly, consider chips and solid potting products.

Tip: The process of turning on and off the power of the LED is actually a process of thermal expansion and contraction of the lamp bead body. Generally, the lamp bead body is packaged with PU glue with good elasticity and airtightness, in order to avoid thermal expansion and contraction. The stress causes the fracture of the gold wire inside the lamp bead, and the shrinkage ratio of the finished LED secondary packaging material must be greater than or equal to the PU glue that encapsulates the lamp bead.

Regarding the application and selection of point dot lights, we have first introduced it here, hoping to help you better understand the actual application range of point dot lights and how to choose point dot lights correctly.

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