How to hold breath in pubg | 2 – Steps

Hello friends today’s topic is also related to pubg because today I will told you how to hold breath in pubg in 2 simple steps.

How to hold breath in pubg

Step 1 : You can only hold your breath when you aim without scopes attached to your gun. 

Step 2 : When your aim is clear then press the Shift key in keyboard for holding the breath.

Note : However, you need to check the breath holding indicator on the bottom of the page since you can lose HP for holding it for long time.

Benefit of holding the breath is that it will reduce the shaking.  so it is very useful while you are playing the game and your aim is very clear to kill the opponent.

So, this is the simple method to hold breath in pubg mobile game and I hope you will understand very easily how to hold breath in pubg. If you like this post share your feedback in comment and share this with your friends.

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