Top 7 Facts About Cannabis Clubs in Barcelona

According to the latest numbers, there are more than 400 cannabis clubs in Barcelona. Thousands of the locals and even many tourists are going to these places to get their weed. The city’s cannabis tourism is booming. However, there are still many questions about these clubs. You will find many people who are uncertain about these clubs and how to join up.

Here are some key facts about the weed clubs in Barcelona –

The Barcelona marijuana clubs are private, not public

These clubs in Barcelona are different than the coffee shops you will find in Amsterdam, which are popular places to get weed. In the Dutch city, absolutely anyone can go into these coffee shops. You can easily buy weed if you are over the age of 18. They feel like a bar or pub.

In Barcelona, on the other hand, you have to first become a member of a club before you are allowed to enter. Membership is only by invitation. This makes these places private entities, open only to a few people.

cannabis and Weed Clubinvitation here to become a member of a cannabis club in Barcelona. Just fill out a short form to receive your invitation by email. Answer the email to confirm that you want to become a member. You will then receive your membership QR code, the name of the club, and its address. Go to the club, show the code, show your personal ID, pay the fee, and you will be registered in the club system as a member.

You Must Show Spanish Address and Photo ID at the Club

To get your club membership, you have to show a valid ID at the club gate like your driver’s license, a valid government-issued passport, or some other photo identification.

Those who are not Spanish citizens, such as tourists visiting the city, can also become a member. For this, you have to provide the address of your hotel or hostel. Just enter the address where you are staying presently. No one is going to check or verify. They are not going to call or send an email. It is easier than you think.

Age Requirements

There is a strict age requirement in most places for members. Some clubs will offer membership for those above 18 but in other places, you need to be 21 years of age minimum. This is a strict criterion. Those below this age will be automatically rejected.

Also, some clubs will take your photo for their records. You have to agree for your photograph to be taken. Don’t worry because your photograph and all personal information will always remain private. This is only for the club’s registration system.

You Cannot “Buy” Weed at a Barcelona Club

Many members of these clubs are cannabis growers and connoisseurs. So as a member, you will be a part of the group that focuses on marijuana. However, unlike the Amsterdam coffee shops, you cannot simply buy the weed in these places. That’s because purchasing and selling cannabis is still illegal in Barcelona. You can be fined and even jailed if you do.

So how can you get the weed in these clubs? You have to make a small “donation” to get it. The donation amount is not negotiable. It is also different for each place. The marijuana available at these clubs belongs to all the club members. The donation amount is usually for the cost of growing the stuff. All the members are supposed to share the costs. Most cannabis clubs in the city are not-for-profit organizations.

You may be corrected if you use the term “buy” in these clubs. Instead, use terms like “share” and “donation”. Ask about the amount of contribution that is needed for growing X amount of cannabis.

Cannabis is Still Illegal in Barcelona

You can get weed and smoke it in these clubs. You can also grow a limited quantity of marijuana at home. But it is important to know that cannabis is still illegal in the city. You can be fined and even jailed for up to 4 years if you are seen smoking in public or if you try to buy or sell it. You can be termed as a trader for doing this, which will invite drug trafficking penalties. Spanish laws are liberal in private spaces but not in the public.

If you must carry it to your home, always do so in your underwear. Never bring it out and display it in public places. If you are caught, never mention the name of your cannabis club. Your membership will be canceled automatically if you do.

However, you can legally get cannabis at a club and smoke it safely as long as you follow all the rules strictly.

There Are Limits On the Amount of Cannabis You Can Get

There are limits on how much weed you can get each month in a club. It is like 98 grams. But the exact number will depend on the club. You can be subject to an investigation if you are a member of several clubs and procure the weed at many of these places.

You will be told about the limit at the time when you become a member. You will also have to sign stating that you have read the information. You may even be asked how much weed you are planning to get each week. In most places, you can only get around 5 grams a day.

The form that you fill out authorizes the club to grow a certain amount of cannabis so that you can get and smoke it.

Not All Cannabis Clubs Are the Same

There are good clubs like HQ Barcelona, Born Marijuana, Club Raval, Sant Antoni Weed Club, Sant Pere Weed Club, and average ones. Many of these places offer much more than marijuana. There is live music, dancing, many sporting activities, food, and drinks. The cannabis menu is also rich, with some of the best products you can find.

hq barcelona club

Join a cannabis club today to get and smoke weed legally in Barcelona. Get to know marijuana growers and connoisseurs in the city. Follow all the rules, and your membership can be renewed automatically.

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