Eye-Catching Logo Designing App

What do you take by the logo of the brand?

The logo is the most crucial part of your company’s brand. It is the visual mark of your firm or organization. Stamps of the products are usually dependent upon different types of symbols, logotypes, or brand marks. A logo is made up of a combination of image and text.

Five properties of a good logo design:

Suppose you are here to run a business. Whatever business like running a school, college, university, hospital, factory, or any of the organizations you are interested in, you need a business logo maker for your brand’s uniqueness. There are five properties of a good logo design listed below:

  • It should be simple enough that it will give a nice look.
  • It must be relevant to the products of your brand.
  • It should be made so memorable that it will be kept fresh in the customer’s memory.
  • It should be timeless to understand. It means the logo will be understandable with no time.
  • It should be versatile enough.

Top ten eye-catching logo designing apps:

Logo designing is a big deal when you are conscious of increasing the marketing of your business. The logo design always looks professional and helps to identify your brands more speedily. Some of the organizations struggle to make the logos on their own. Different drawing and graphic designing apps are utilized. But some of the brands failed to give their best to the logo designs. So, they need external assistance.

So, there are top ten logo designing apps. These will help you decide the perfect one for your brand.

  • Logo Maker
  • Adobe apps
  • Font Rush
  • Dot Pic
  • Canva
  • Logo Maker by Shopify
  • Z Mobile Logo Maker
  • Palette
  • Iris Logo Maker
  • Logo Maker Plus

Let’s discuss these all one by one in detail.

Logo Maker – Free Graphic Design & Logo Templates

By using this free logo maker app, you can reach the best logo design android app. It is a handy graphic designing app. It is committed with a name generator and monogram creator. Let’s talk about the working steps required to create a logo design by using this app.

Working procedure:

  • The first step is to download and install this Business Logo Maker on your device.
  • The second step is to choose the category after opening it.
  • Then you will be surrounded by many great ideas to design your customized logo.
  • Finally, you will be able to save your desired logo.

Features provided by Logo Marker:

  • By using this logo maker free tool, you are welcome to use multiple backgrounds and overlays.
  • Your desired logo design will be customized with text.
  • You will be given resizable logos
  • The logo you created will be saved in the gallery of your device.
  • You can save it as a draft.

Adobe apps:

It is committed to providing the same interface on mobile. It offers the following opportunities for this app user:

  • Adobe Capture
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe comp and many other

You can use these options to do different artwork and make your logo design easily.

Font Rush:

It is also a fantastic tool that provides you with two hundred fonts and two-fifty backgrounds to decide your customized logo design.

Working procedure:

  • Firstly import the image of your logo.
  • You will be welcome to add your required text.
  • You will be allowed to edit the font of your logo until you get your desired one.


It is remarkable for pixel creators. It will indeed allow you to create your pixel art. It looks simple as compared to other apps. It facilitates you with the great option of consistent auto-save. You are also able to use options like zoom, redo, undo, etc.


It provides you with the best graphic designing options. You will be allowed to use a blank canvas. You can also import any design from your device’s gallery. An excellent opportunity to add text, elements, and images are also available.

Logo Maker by Shopify:

It is a free logo maker app, providing the best quality of work. By utilizing this app, you are welcome to generate shapes, icons, colors, and text. It gives you a logical manner to create your logo as you need.

Z Mobile Logo Maker:

It is committed to providing a quick procedure to make the best logo. This app will give you a hundred background photos, 3d rotation textures, more than a hundred fonts, filters, and overlays.


It provides an engaging environment for users to make their logo designs. You will upload a photo, and then this app will guide you about many of the colors you can apply to it.

Iris Logo Maker:

It is a logo design app that will facilitate you with many unique options like adding different shapes, backgrounds, colors, stickers, and other graphical elements.

Logo Maker Plus:

It is one of the famous logo maker apps. It will give you many graphical features free of cost. You can have extraordinary designs for your logo.

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