TOP 10 Best DTH Service Providers in India

Have you come here looking for the best DTH Service Providers in India for your home or office TV? If yes, then you have come to the right place. Today I am going to tell you about the top 10 Best DTH Service Providers in India with the help of this article. Everyone has different plans, you can choose whatever you like.

Best DTH Service Providers in India


Dish TV is one of the first DTH providers in India. The company is a subsidiary of Zee Entertainment Enterprise. The time came when cable operators dominated the service providers market.

Decide to start small rather than trying to get the most critical market share. The company focused mainly on areas where access to cable was an issue or where there was no such service.

Dish TV DTH Plan NameDish TV DTH Plan PriceDish TV DTH Plan ValidityDish TV DTH Plan Benefits
Super FamilyRs. 25330 Days290 Channels + 2 Regional Pack
Super Family HDRs. 27030 Days297 Channels + 2 Regional Pack + 7 HD Channels
Maxi KidsRs. 29730 Days317 Channels + 2 Regional Packs
Super SportsRs. 33830 Days353 Channels + 2 Regional Channels


Tata sky is one of the first suppliers of DTH to deliver high-quality 4K boxes and also the first company to deliver Video to Demand settings that allow its subscribers to watch movies and shows whenever they want. It is a joint venture of Tata Industries and 21st Century Fox, now owned by The Walt Disney Company.

The Tata Sky ad campaign was one of the most successful in the complex and made the point work. Dish TV offers many channels in different languages.

Tata Sky PlansPrice (Rs.)ValidityTotal Channel
Hindi Bachat1791 Month31
Family Kids3661 Month90
Premium Sports English1231 Month517
Family Kids Sports
4651 Month98


Next on the list are Airtel Digital TV, a DTH service provided by Bharti Airtel. Bharti Airtel was still one of the largest mobile service providers in India, and in 2008 it decided to enter the DTH market.

The company has received some of the best responses in the market, and its subscribers have increased significantly. It Skipping the mark of 10 million users till now.

Airtel DTH Plan NameAirtel DTH Plan PriceAirtel DTH Plan ValidityAirtel DTH Plan Benefits
My SportsRs. 39930 Days181 Channels
Family PlusRs. 43630 Days204 Channels
New MegaRs. 48730 Days215 Channels
South Super MaxRs. 23030 Days245 Channels


Videocon D2H is DTH’s other top service provider. It was launched in 2009 and gradually began to receive good market share due to inexpensive packaging and combos.

Today, D2H is under Dish TV, and along with its parent company, they have a large market share. The merger between Videocon D2H and Dish TV took place in 2016. 

Videocon D2H DTH Plan NameVideocon D2H DTH Plan PriceVideocon D2H DTH Plan ValidityVideocon D2H DTH Plan Benefits
Super GoldRs. 30030 Days202 Channels + 43 Popular Channels
Gold MaxRs. 33130 Days204 Channels + 45 Popular Channels
New Diamond HDRs. 65130 Days265 Channels + 28 HD Channels + 79 Popular Channels
PlatinumRs. 55030 Days241 Channels + 64 Popular Channels


Services that started in 2004, and unlike other DTH providers, are free.

Doordarshan owns this service. It has reached 30 million households in India, an impressive figure. Even though the channel range is small and most of them are ‘DD’ channels only, you should understand that it is entirely free.


Popular with regional stations. They started their ministry in 2007 and found enough subscribers to stay in the game.

They also convey the standard specifications and high-quality channels of good quality definition. The famous Sun Network manages the company with various regional channels.

For starters, they achieved success by donating high-quality trust boxes and a new monthly edition.

Sun Direct DTH Plan NameSun Direct DTH Plan PriceSun Direct DTH Plan Validityun Direct DTH Plan Benefits
Mega PackRs. 39930 Days324 Channels
Apna PackRs. 19930 Days199 Channels
Mega Pack HD SupremeRs. 51930 Days377 Channels
Value Plus ROI HD UltraRs. 48030 Days311 Channels


This is another DTH service provider, presented by the Reliance JIO of Dish TV channels on their network

Currently, the Reliance Group is launching JIO DTH services through JIO Fiber Broadband. Until now, only lines and cables had been set up in neighboring towns and underground towns.

In larger cities, the JIO DTH Welcome Offer per box is provided. Soon, the company plans to introduce JIO DTH to the cities as well.

Jio Fiber PlansSpeed and Data LimitPriceBenefits
Base Plan100Mbps-100GBRs. 500Fiber Connection
Triple Play Plan100Mbps-100GBRs. 600Fiber Connection along with Giga TV
Bundled Pack Offer100Mbps-100GBRs. 1000Fiber Connection, Giga TV and loT Device


Reliance Digital TV is a type of service provider that meets individual and family interests and lifestyles. The Trust feels immensely proud to introduce its next brand with the name Reliance Digital TV Digital Service. One can find great entertainment, fashion news, and your favorite programs.

One can also convert your home with the Reliance Digital TV Digital Service, powered by MPEG 4 Technology for the first time in India.

Reliance Big TV DTH Plan NameReliance Big TV DTH Plan PriceReliance Big TV DTH Plan ValidityReliance Big TV DTH Plan Benefits
Value PackRs. 21030 Days159 Channels
Bronze PackRs. 25030 Days190 Channels
Gold PackRs. 39030 Days217 Channels


Zing Digital is another type of television operator Direct To Home (DTH). Zing Digital, currently operating in the districts of Kerela, West Bengal, and Odisha.

In November, Dish TV in India faced stiff competition from other DTH providers such as Tata Sky and Airtel Digital, which introduced small name packs such as the Rs99 channel pack, which also includes free air channels.

Package namePrice Rs.ValidityChannels
UTSAV pack349One month180
ANANDO pack349One month160
SHOLONA BANGLA pack349One month190
SUBHARAMBH pack175One month130


Independent Dish TV, formerly known as Reliance Big TV, was owned by India DTH television executive.

This was initially launched as a Relationship Big TV, gaining 1 million subscribers within three months of its launch. This was due to limited competition from other service providers in the market.

Following the start of the DTH offer, the Pantej Technologies & Veecon Media group rebranded the company as Independent TV.


So friends, these were the top 10 Best DTH Service Providers in India you were looking for. I hope you have found the Best DTH Service Providers in India and this article will be useful for you.

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