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Although the returnees had not aged physically, many of them reappeared with dramatic abilities ranging from enhanced reflexes to precognition. The drama that unfolds in The 4400 follows the trials endured by a group of 4,400 individuals who were transported back to Earth at the same time in a ball of light.


Brittany Adebumola stars as Shanice Murray, a lawyer who vanished in 2005 and who, upon her reappearance, possesses the abilities of telepathy and empathic communication. She is Mariah’s mother as well as the wife of Logan.

Joseph David-Jones, posing as the social worker Jharrel Mateo who is assisting the 4400 with their reintegration, removes her powers. He is keeping his fingers crossed that his brother, Manny, is one of the 4400.

Ireon Roach stars as Keisha, a parole officer whose sister was shot and killed when she was a spectator in a crime scene.

TL Thompson played the role of Andre Davis, a physician who operated a clinic in Harlem during the 1920s. He is very interested in gaining additional knowledge regarding contemporary medicine. In the 1920s, he was an active member of Harlem’s booming Black queer and transgender community. In the 1920s, he was unable to identify himself because he lacked the language to do so, but after meeting Noah, he was able to learn about modern gender identity. He told Shanice Murray that he was gay at the same time that he told her that he had feelings for her. It is discovered that Andre has the ability to heal others just by touching them; however, in order for him not to get ill himself, he must pass on the illness to another individual.

Claudette, played by Jaye Ladymore, is a housewife from the year 1958 who was also an organizer for the Civil Rights Movement. Upon her return, she had the ability to regenerate her body.

Release Date

October 25, 2021

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