Destiny 2: The Season of the Witch – Exploring Magic, Plot Twists, and Game Enhancements

Season 22, called Season of the Witch, brought with it another patch, a continuation of the main storyline, mechanics, and thread aspects. We will analyze all this in detail in this article.

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The plot of Season 22 revolves around the theme of the magic of the Hive. The key characters are Eris Morn and Immaru (the ghost of the witch queen Savathun). The latter, by order of the queen, must tell the guards something significant, but only after they defeat the goddess of war Ziva Arath. To achieve this certainly difficult goal, Eris comes up with an unusual plan – to transform herself into a Hive goddess, make the player her acolyte, and with their help gather enough power to challenge Ziva. So over the next 3 months, players will have to gradually pump up Eris with control using the magic of the Hive.


The crafting system has received several small changes and, in our opinion, a very useful new feature that greatly speeds up and simplifies the process of raising levels. A special modifier cell has been added to all crafted/upgradable weapons. By pouring a certain amount of shine and enhancement cores into it, you will instantly raise the weapon’s level by 1.

Resource costs are as follows, please note that after reaching a certain level they increase slightly:

  • From level 1 to 10 – 3000 shine and 2 cores.
  • From level 10 to 15 – 5000 shine and 3 cores.
  • From level 15 to 20 – 7500 shine and 4 cores.
  • From level 20 – 15,000 shine and 5 cores.

To unlock all regular and improved ones you need to reach level 17, in total to upgrade a fresh gun you will need 70 thousand shine and 43 cores. By the way, it is precisely because of the minimum level of 17 that we decided not to indicate costs above level 20. Because glitter and cores are very easy to obtain (it’s trivial to buy from an NPC), increasing the level of resources is perhaps the best option rather than purposefully farming activities, Shuro Chi.


In the process of completing seasonal and regular activities, cards may drop out with a certain chance – this is a new, rather interesting system that performs two roles at once. Firstly: it gives you access to standard seasonal upgrades, once a week you are guaranteed to receive a weapon with a red frame. Secondly: it adds various positive amplifiers to seasonal activities. After a card is dropped, it must be taken to a special NPC and activated. At the time of writing, there are 55 cards available and they are divided into two types:

  • Small – can be activated immediately. Mostly unlock the standard upgrades mentioned above.
  • Large ones – to activate them, you first need to fulfill certain conditions associated with various content, for example, collect X reagents from open events. Once activated, such cards unlock several upgrades at once and appear as a hologram in the seasonal hub.

Once you collect 5 large cards, they can be added to the deck. Then, at the start of each Seasonal Activities phase, a random card from the deck is activated, granting the effect associated with it. For example, after killing an enemy, a green box drops out of him with a certain chance; with quick kills, a character can restore HP and shields with a certain chance; when killed with a certain chance, an AOE explosion occurs, etc.

Well of Whispers

A seasonal NPC that performs standard functions: for increasing rank, it gives a reward in the form of new equipment, issues contracts, and allows you to focus seasonal engrams into new/old weapons or armor, having reached a certain rank, you can receive various rewards from him, including new cards.


Each class has added 1 new thread aspect. To unlock them, you first need to complete a special quest given by Nimbus on Neomune.

Whirling Maelstrom is a hunter. By destroying the plexus, you create a whirlwind of threads, after which it is automatically aimed at the nearest enemy. If the whirlwind kills a target, thread projectiles are fired from it.

Weavewalk – Warlock. By pressing the dodge button (X by default) while the character is in the air, you activate a special state called the canvas of consciousness. It increases damage resistance and creates attached spawns. Maintaining the state consumes the energy of the melee ability.

Banner of War – titanium. When killing an enemy with a melee ability, a finishing move, or a sword, a flag appears on the character’s back. It periodically releases a wave of energy that heals nearby allies and the character and also increases the damage of melee and sword abilities. When allies or you kill enemies, the pulse frequency increases near the flag, and its duration is extended (up to 30 seconds).

Destiny 2’s Season of the Witch not only introduces an intriguing magical storyline involving the Hive but also brings significant enhancements to gameplay mechanics, crafting systems, and character abilities. With the introduction of new aspects, crafting shortcuts, and innovative card systems, players can experience a more streamlined and engaging gameplay.

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