How to block someone on TikTok | 8 – steps ( with screenshots )

TikTok permits users to block alternative users from whom they require to cover their content. after you block somebody on TikTok, that individual users cannot see any of your content, nor will they contact you. any individual will block any user, whether or not they square measure following them or not. the subsequent article, beside the relevant illustrations below, explains the steps to block somebody on TikTok.

Steps to Block someone on TikTok :

1. Launch Tickcock:  The first step to block someone on TickTalk is to launch the application. From your application drawer, locate the TicketTock icon as shown below. Tap the icon once to open the TickTalk application. You can find out the TickTalk app by searching for the trademark music note icon.

2. Go to the search section:  As a result of launching the TikTok application, you will get the screen as shown below. From this screen, tap on the search icon which is represented by a small magnifying glass as shown below. Tapping on this option will take you to the Explore page where you can search users.

3. Search Username:  Because you tap on the search option, you will get the screen as shown in the picture below. In this screen, tap on the search bar which will result in your keypad launching automatically. Type in the username of the person you want to block and tap on the search.

4. Make sure that result is among users:  After searching for the username, a list of results will appear. You have to make sure that whatever results it shows are users only. To do this, tap on the “Users” option indicated by the arrow.

5. Select the username of the person:  As a result of the search, you will find the following screen as shown in the picture. From the list of all relevant users, find and search for the user you want to block. Tap on the person’s username as shown below and open their pronunciation.

6. Tap on the Three Dots option:  On opening the user’s account, you will see the screen like the picture below. In the top right corner of the screen, you will see three dot options as shown in the picture used to access the options. Tap once on this option.

7. Select the “Block” option:  as you tap on the three dots option, a drop-down menu as shown in the picture will appear. From this drop-down menu, search and tap on the “Block” option. Selecting this option will allow you to block a particular user.

8. Choose “Confirm” from the pop up:  As a result of selecting the block option, the pop up shown in the picture below will appear. This is a confirmation pop up where you have to select the “Confirm” option. Tapping on this option will block the person.

So guys with these steps You have successfully blocked a person at Ticket Lock. The option to block someone at Ticketlock is available to all users and is, at the same time, a simple process. This option can be used for many reasons ranging from inappropriate content to annoying users. Thus if you want to block someone on TikTok, follow the steps mentioned above.

I hope you will understand that how to block someone on TikTok in a very easy way . if you like this article then give your feedback through comments and share it with your friends.

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