Best Games Like Bingo You Can Play With Friends

Let’s be honest; we all have our favorite games! Everyone has that game that they come back to over and over because they enjoy it so much; it’s the same with books, movies, and songs. However, playing the same game repeatedly for a long time can lead to you getting a little sick and tired of it. Instead of weighing up your options with live vs online bingo yet again, why don’t you try something a little different? You won’t even have to leave your home to try fun new games with friends: you can do it all online!

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Why Play Online?

Before we take a look at some game options, let’s talk about live versus online bingo-type games. Of course, it’s a lot of fun getting dressed up in your favorite outfit and heading out to a casino with a group of your friends. Maybe you’ll have a meal or some drinks before you play! However, there are lots of benefits to playing from home as well. Firstly- staying home is safe! Even with safety regulations around the world beginning to relax a little, it’s essential to be as careful as we can. Secondly, it’s much more cost-effective. All of the food in your kitchen is already paid for, there are no waiters to tip (other than yourself, of course!), and the dress code is much more relaxed.

If you do feel in the mood to get a little fancy, you could plan a Zoom dinner party before you play: everyone could get dressed up in their best outfit, you could order delicious food, and have the whole evening ahead of you to play fun games with your friends. Playing from home means that you can leave whenever you like, and there’s no long drive to dread. It also means that if you’d like to have one or two drinks, responsibly, you can! There’s no concern about who will be driving home or how much your rideshare will cost.

Game Options


Poker is the grandaddy of casino games: it’s a classic! If you’re playing online poker and want to play with friends, your best bet is probably to find a live poker game with a real dealer. Poker is, and always has been, a really social game, so it’s the perfect choice to play with a big group of friends. If some in the group are not as experienced, it can be a great time to help them learn! After all, everyone has to learn, and at some point, everyone has to take the hit of a bad hand; if you’re playing in a private room with friends around you, there’s no actual losing, is there? There are a few different kinds of poker that you could try out, so if one doesn’t suit the group, you could always move on to the next.


Slot games offer up an endless amount of options. There are so many different types and different themes that there’s no doubt you’ll each find something that you like. While it’s a little difficult to feel like you’re playing slots with a friend, you could always have a Zoom chat open and play alongside each other, just like you would in a brick-and-mortar casino. Playing with an open chat will also allow your friends to find new slot games that they might never have tried before: you might be playing something that they’ll love! You can play for high stakes or lower ones (just for fun), so there is no pressure to spend a tremendous amount of money.

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Blackjack or 21

Here’s another one for the card game lovers! Blackjack is a bit of an equalizer as there is little skill involved. If there are inexperienced players in your group, there’s not a lot to learn. All you’ll have to teach them is when they should hit and when they should stick. There is a significant element of chance involved in blackjack so, apart from learning how the cards might make up a total of 21, it’s really quite an equal playing field for the entire group. Here you should probably go with a live game in a private room as well. It’s a little bit more exciting and a lot more social: after all, you’re there to have fun with your friends!

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Wrap Up

Playing online games with your friends is so much fun! And there’s a whole world of games out there just waiting to be discovered.

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