How To Play Poker Online Without Being Broke – 2020

Online poker is fun and thrilling and is accessible to the Indian masses through just a couple of clicks. The real money game is gradually becoming the go to game of the millennial that tests your ability and discernibility to make quick, smart and profitable decisions on various levels. So, we know you love playing poker online but how responsible and self-aware are you of those decisions?

When we discuss skill games like poker, there is one aspect that some often miss especially if they are new to real money games. Responsible Gaming. What does it really mean ad why is it crucial to your game? Let’s find out.

How To Play Poker Online Without Being Broke

Responsible Gaming in Online Poker

Responsible gaming in online poker is a practice that all poker players must follow irrespective of their experience and skill in the game. In order to enjoy a healthy experience in any skill game, a player needs to spend time and money in the game in moderation and question and counterpoise your opponent’s actions and make smart reactions constantly throughout their gaming journey.

This is crucial when you play poker online for real money so that you do not get addicted or obsessed towards the game in any form irrespective of your results. Responsible gaming in online poker essentially means alleviating any kind of negative experience in the game through the adoption of certain checks and balances. 

Why Responsible Gaming?

The thing is, it is quite easy to get swayed by the potential results when you play poker online for real money. You may have heard of numerous instances when a player goes on tilt or simply refuses to leave the table and makes futile attempts to recover immediate losses. In such situations, the mental state of the player deteriorates to a level where there is constant pressure of over-performing and as such, he/she might end up making rash decisions and ends up losing much more than he/she could possibly take. 

A better approach in such a situation would be to be practice responsible gaming by catching a break and returning to the table when your mental balance is restored and you are in better emotional control to act logically. 

How to Practice Responsible Gaming?

Thankfully, few credible sites in India do take note of a player’s varying fluctuations in the game and have adopted certain responsible Gaming measures that can elevate your gaming circumstances in online poker. However, if there aren’t any offered by the poker site where you are playing at currently, a player must take it upon oneself to moderate their gaming habits and average time spent on the felts in a way that playing online poker doesn’t affect your daily aspects of life.

Few steps taken by a player personally can go a long way to improve your experience in online poker games.

  • Decrease your Screen time

Several studies have been done to figure out the average time spent on screen by adults. It typically ranges from 3-10 hours depending on your personal and work habits as well as some key socio-economic demographics.  However, without going in too deep, we simply advise players to detach themselves, switch mediums for 2-3 hours and go entirely physical and indulge in extra-curricular activities that charges you physically. It could be a daily sport you love to play, a simple walk in the park, an hour of swimming, cooking a delicious meal or maybe taking up dance lessons. Anything to get you out of that mental war zone!

  • Enjoy Some “Me” Time

Sometimes, it is better to go slo-mo and chill out by yourself. You could further reduce your screen time and just be more aware of your surroundings with daily 20 minutes of meditation that shall also boost your state of calm and mental well-being. Daily meditation also increase your power to focus better and perform well when you decide to play poker online. Try going to a quieter location and tune in to some white noise and read a light book that you have been wanting to all this while! If nothing else, drink some juice, tune in to your favorite playlist and start cleaning up your room!

  • Take the time to Study

Rather than spending all your energy on the felts in real time, go off screen and pick up the book you bought on poker theory. Set in the mood with some warm lighting and tune it to some lo fi-beats and take up that book. Professional poker players tend to spend equal amount of time on and off the felts by reading up as much as they can to stretch their knowledge on the game and apply what they learn to keep things interesting online.

Is there Any Support from Poker Sites Online?

Thankfully, yes. Credible online poker sites in India have introduced some effective measures that can prevent you from excessive gaming online. Poker sites do not ask you to quit altogether when the going gets tough but advises you to practice responsible gaming so that your mental health remains intact and your game doesn’t affect other areas of your life.

On due research, we found some of the best counter measures offered by one of India’s online poker site called PokerBaazi. The online poker room incorporates few features that offer self-regulation tools and expert assistance for optimal online gaming.

Let’s point them out without delay.

  • Players can set daily, weekly and monthly limits on deposits as well as a tab on transaction counts. You are free to change these limits at any point of time. Simply tap on the “Deposit Limit” tab of Responsible Gaming on the dashboard of the PokerBaazi app to make changes.
  • High stakes games maybe your jam but should not cause you harm. Players can effectively manage their bankroll on PokerBaazi while playing poker online by limiting the stakes on cash and OFC tables. The option can be found on the Responsible gaming section on the app.
  • If your game has come to a point where it has caused a deviation from your daily life, PokerBaazi allows you to take a poker break through self-exclusion. During this time, your profile will be de-activated for the chosen time period during which you will be denied access to your profile allowing you to cool off and take your mind of the game. 
  • If the responsible gaming tools fail you, feel free to contact Baazi Care through an email. A psychological expert from the team will get in touch with you to help you alleviate any mental, emotional or physical struggle you might be facing and guide you towards your well-being. 

These are some interesting steps that you can take if you find yourself in a similar situation. We know it is easy to get obsessed with skill games like online poker, even more so if you play poker online for real money. There is no shortcut to success and in order to succeed in any sphere of life, you need to be mindful of your actions and create enough mental space that allows you to act rationally and freely without pressure. When you play poker online, practicing responsible gaming can help you play smart and impactful poker in the long run.

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