how to remove a card from paypal?

Paypal card removing process

Hey friends,Now I am going to teach you how to remove a bank account ,credit or debit card from PayPal account.
PayPal makes deleting account as easy as it was adding it.

how to remove a card from paypal?

Here are a few step which you can use to easily remove your cards from paypal:-.

Step 1: Log In to your PayPal account by putting username and password.
Step 2: Go to settings icon which at the top.
Step 3: Click on ‘Bank and Cards’ icon .A list of bank accounts or card which are linked to your PayPal account appears.
Step 4: Click on the account or card which you want to remove.
Step 5: New dialouge box appears and there click on ‘remove’.
That bank account or card has been successfully removed from your PayPal account.

But but but..

Things to keep in mind

Keep the subsequent things in mind when removing the card:

1)If you’ve got a unfinished dealings therefore you may be unable to get rid of your credit/debit card from paypal.
2)If there’s a negative balance in your credit/debit card, then additionally you may be unable to get rid of your card from PayPal account.As a result during this case, you have got to bring your card balance to zero.

Hope it helps you!

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